Killenard Quartet

The Killenard Quartet, a collection of four oil paintings was completed in 2005. The four paintings depict landmark buildings in the village of Killenard, Co. Laois. Pat was commissioned to create these works by a local group researching the history of Killenard, shortly to be published in book form. These fine art reproductions form a limited edition of 100 only, commissioned by the artist himself in 2006.

In these fine art limited edition prints of Killenard, the appearance of St John's Church, the old Schoolmaster's House, the newer Community Centre and the School itself (soon to be re-modelled) are easily recognisable, parts of a community which has been enduring and stable for a long, long time. St John's Church is a very popular venue for weddings, and so this painting is good souvenir for those who were married there.

The images will hopefully allow us to recognise again the recognisable with a sharper pleasure and disallow it to be dulled into too slack a familiarity. The images should allow us to enjoy ourselves, to bring perhaps a smile of recognition.

The only unchanging thing in our world is change. Killenard changes. The wonderful Heritage Golf & Country Club and Hotel reflects this change. These images will hopefully help to cushion the hesitancy which accompanies these changes and remind us of the quietness of a village now in transition.

These paintings were made in collaboration with Brosna Press, Ferbane, Co. Offaly.